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....and then there were butterflies

Poems and Stories

Doppio Books, New York
ISBN: 0-9755268-0-4



"Angel Shannon has the rare gift of being able to craft stories and poems with words that say what we all feel and all express--what we all hope for. Her voice gives a new spin...She is jazz, old school and hip-hop and regardless of the rhythm she is always for real. Hers is a voice I know we'll be hearing for many years to come."
--- Patrice Gaines, Author "Laughing In The Dark" and "Moments of Grace"

"Angel Shannon's writings remind us of the rich and varied legacy in
African-American literature. Skillfully she maintains that aesthetic tradition and joins a symphony of voices that compel us to confront existing versions of reality and reate alternative ways of thinking and being."
--- Deborah Tulani Salahu-Din, Professor of English, Morgan State University and Author "Songs and Seasons"

"I just want to let you know how deeply touched I was by your work. Your imagery is outstanding and it speaks to the high level of mastery you've reached; it shows how much soul and power you put into your work."
---D. Diaz, Audience Member, Open Mic

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